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Your web site presentation reflects your company's image to the world. 800biz.com are professionals in website design, with a portfolio of over 300 web sites. You are the key element in all phases of the design process. We custom design your web site to your specifications. While we are located in Tucson Arizona, we have designed sites for businesses from New York to San Diego.

800biz offers inexpensive web site design that even small, a home based business can afford. Our custom design packages, starting as low as $495, are often less than a template designed site. Our basic web site design package includes the same features as a more expensive site. More importantly, even our basic package is designed with search engine optimization in mind. Ask about our Free Hosting Offer.

Web Site Purpose

What will the purpose be for your website.

  • E-Commerce - Selling Your Products
  • Information - Telling the world about your company
  • Communication - Keep in touch with your customers
  • Portfolio - Showcase your work

At 800biz.com we have worked with 100's of businesses and know how to create a web site design that meets your needs.

Visual Appeal - Web Site Design

Custom designed incorporating your logo, colors and graphics, using a good mixture of text and graphics.

  • Latest Design Techniques
  • Interactive elements like mouse rollovers, etc.
  • Flash multi-media
  • Fireworks graphics
  • Photoshop Images
  • No Templates - No two sites are exactly alike.

User Friendly Website Design

People are impatient and browsers to your web site are no different. If your site does not respond quickly or they can't immediately find what they are interested in, a browser will leave your site and move on to the next one. To prevent that, the site design needs to user friendly.

  • Load Time - There are still lots of people that have dial-up connections, so your site has to load quickly.
  • Ease of Navigation - Browsers want to navigate your site quickly and easily. They don't want to search the depths of your site to find what they are interested in.
  • Balance of Text and Graphics - To keep a browser in your site longer, your pages need a good mixture of graphics and text. The eye will only take in so much text before needing a graphic break. Conversely, pages heavy with pictures will take too long to load.

Custom Web Site Design

Today many new design programs have expanded the scope of what a web site can do.

  • CGI Scripts - Shopping cart, Newsletter subscriptions, Guestbooks, etc.
  • PHP - Dynamic Web Pages that are created based on the browser's requests.
  • SQL Databases- Create and manage a database, such as inventory, membership lists, shopping carts, affiliate programs, etc.

Custom Web Site Design Prices

Basic Web Site Design Package

Up to 7 Pages Custom Design

  • Logo, graphics and navigation
  • Up to 4 images per page
  • One gallery page with up to 12 thumbnail images
  • Contact Form
  • Search Engine Submission

Business Web Site
Design Package

Up to 14 Pages Custom Design Including:

  • Logo, graphic and navigation using client's graphics
  • Up to 6 Images per page
  • Up to 4 Gallery Pages with 12 thumbnails
  • Contact Form
  • Search Engine Submission
E-Commerce Web Design Package

Same as business Web Site Design Package Plus:

  • Shopping Cart - with unlimited products capability
  • Online Catalog builder for client input of cart products
  • Images can be uploaded to cart as well.
  • Secure Order Form

Redesign or Maintenance of Existing Site

One common request we receive is to update, redesign or optimize an existing web site. A web site should not be like a yellow page ad. It should change as your business changes. Your web site should provide fresh, up-to-date information that keeps your customers or clients coming back. Whether you need a complete web site overhaul, search engine optimization or just a few minor changes, 800biz can help. Contact us for pricing.


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