Business Consulting Services

Running a small business today is a challenging, sometimes frustrating process. While business owners are good at the service they perform or the product they produce, they are often not as comfortable managing the business side of their business.

Some of the common problems we find with small businesses are 1.) Lack of financial accounting procedures, 2.) Using financial statements to profitably manage their business, 3.) Pricing policies, 4.) Cost controls, and 5.) Labor productivity. Understanding and controlling your business can make the difference between just getting by and being profitable.'s consultants have over 30 year experience in business management. We have analyzed hundreds of small businesses and made recommendations to help owners better monitor and manage their business.

Full Business Analysis

Our full business analysis consists of a 100+ question interview, a 3 year financial analysis, a review of policies and procedures, interview with key employees, review of employee manual and review of marketing and business plans. For Tucson and southern Arizona business, we come to your location to conduct interviews and review materials. A typical analysis takes 2-3 days. The results will be presented in written form, with graphs and charts to support our findings, and written recommendations for correcting problem areas.

Once the analysis has been completed, we can assist you with implementation of the recommendations. Whether you need a business plan written, accounting system setup or just need some help in specific areas, our consultants can provide an affordable solution to your problems.

Quickbooks and Accounting Systems

While Quickbooks and other accounting programs make it easy for you to keep good financial records, the difficulty many business owners face is how to make their business fit into the accounting program's mold. The program is only as good as your input. The initial setup is often frustrating to a business owner, because they aren't accountants

Our consultants are experienced in setting up Quickbooks and teaching you and/or your staff how to operate it. We show you how to make Quickbooks fit your operation and we help you establish procedures to get the most out of it. We are not a replacement for your accountant or tax preparer. It is important that you retain a good accountant that can advise you how to best manage your taxes. If you don't have an accountant, we can refer you to one.

Business Coaching

Do you make business decisions based on instinct or factual data? Do you know what your actual cost of doing business is? Are you making an adequate margin of profit?

As a business owner, you often feel like you are alone on an island when it comes time to make important decisions. Too many business owners rely on the SWAG method of decision making (Scientfic Wild A** Guess.) The consultants at 800biz can help you analyze those important decisions, review the relevant data, and come up with a solution based on fact, not best guess. The object view of an outsider can help you step outside your business and see it from your customer's prospective.

Sales Coaching

If your sales people could develop a better rapport and trust with your customers and clients, would that be of any benefit to your bottom line? Of course it would. Whether your sales people talk to customers face to face or on the phone, there are techniques to help them establish a rapport that helps close more sales.

Over the years, our consultants have had proven sales success, using the very techniques. As a field trainer for one company, we were able to take a struggling salesman from one that had difficulty setting appointments over the phone, to a profitable professional salesman.

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